Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Come and find out! A colleague has found a superb new film on the life of Benedict XVI, and we've organised a Papa Benedict Evening!!! Monday September 6th, Parish Lounge, Sacred Heart church, Wimbledon, London SW19. Donation £3.00, coffee and Bavarian chocolate cake. All welcome. Funds raised wil go to the Maryvale Institute.

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Unknown said...

Dear Joanna,
I did not find an emailadress, so I write you in this way. I spoke to you on the 18th of july in Westminster cathedral after the 1200hr mass. I said that I came from Holland. You nodded with great interest but you did not speak! I told you that I sympathized with your action and your prayer. The good Lord will multiply it. I pray that the pope will have a good visit. And that your high esteemed country may be immersed in grace. I told my colleague Wim Peeters about your action. He greets you.
Yours sincerely
Steven van Weede