Wednesday, December 02, 2009

We need something like this in Britain...

...and I'm talking about the Manhattan Declaration in which numbers of Christian leaders from different denominations have joined together to affirm principles on marriage and on the rights of Christians.

"Because we honour justice and the common good, we will not comply with any edict that purports to compel our institutions to participate in abortions, embryo-destructive research, assisted suicide and euthanasia, or any other anti-life act; nor will we bend to any rule purporting to force us to bless immoral sexual partnerships, treat them as marriages or the equivalent, or refrain from proclaiming the truth, as we know it, about morality and immorality and marriage and the family," it concludes.

There has, of course, been nothing about this in our British media.

More info here.


Joe said...

Well, there is no reason this can't go worldwide - anyone can sign; it just seems that as far as religious leaders go it's only those in the U.S. who have done so as of yet. (I emailed my bishop about it about a week ago but he doesn't seem to have signed yet ...hmm.)

John said...

And darned little about it in our media.


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