Monday, August 31, 2009

As of this week...

...British birth certificates will deliberately be allowed to state inaccurate information. A woman with no biological connection with a child can be registered as its "father". The idea is to make lesbians feel comfortable. If one of them has a child, she can register the other as a parent. The child's father will not be registered at all.

If a birth certificate isn't to give accurate information, what is it for?

When a lesbian partnership breaks up and there is a battle over the custody of the child (yes, it has been known), will the victor be encouraged to put a new name, retrospectively, on the birth certificate? Will it not be regarded as "discrimination" if she cannot? And why stop at just one new name? This might become a serial process. And some ladies might like to register two or three new partners at once. Others might want a flexible approach with "optional parenting", registering a partner in order to assert the status of a relationship, but recognising that the lady concerned might grow to dislike the child and wish to abandon her "parent" status in due course.

Once the decision has been made to turn a birth certificate into a feelgood item for lesbians, then the possibilities are practically limitless.

What is happening to our country? Collective insanity, viewed with a mixture of inertia and bewilderment, makes for a very uncertain future.

But just think how busy lawyers will be in a few years' time, as the court cases mount up and people demand to know who their real parents are, why they have been stigmatised by a certificate, etc etc...


Stuart said...

You are right to highlight this issue, as it is a veritable minefield.

Every day, I am staggered anew, at the newest barmy announcement of "progress"!

Frabjous Days said...

It really beggars belief -- putting down a lie on a birth certificate just to legitimate an adult relationship.

No thought is given to the children whose origins are falsified in this way. Such children are likely to be angry and hurt by this treatment. I should know -- I'm a donor conceived adult who found out by chance that the father on my birth certificate, wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Who is it who knows far better than the Pope about all these things? He and she made that clear again only the other day.

The Blairs.

This is Blair's legacy! Smutty Britain!

And who let Blair into the Church, knowing his views - as a departing liberal gesture to a Pope with whom he profoundly disagrees? (I bet you don't publish that bit.)

And who voted for Blair?

They have what they deserve. Unfortunately, the rest of us are stuck with it. For a very, very long time. Cameron's no different. Or there's the dreadful far right, or the loonier left. Not options. What to do? We're stuck!

Be careful. Much more like this and we'll all be arrested by the thought-police!

Hilary said...

This is all too nightmarish for me and I don't regard nyself as a consevative person.The world has gone mad