Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lunch with the Speaker...

...on Sunday, after meeting him at Brompton Oratory.

Yes, really.

The Speaker of the Parliament of South Australia, Jack Snelling, has been visiting London. He is a family friend and I took him and a colleague for an Auntie Joanna's London History Walk and for lunch. Along the Embankment, not far from the Temple, you can stand with each foot in a different city one in Westminster and the other in the City of London. Most satisfactory. We also looked at the magnificent Battle of Britain memorial. Its creator - whom I have met and who is a very talented artist - is now working on a new project, the memorial to the Marian shrines destroyed at the Reformation, which will be erected at Willesden, site of the great London Medieval Shrine to Our Lady.

At Mass at the Oratory, the present state of things in Parliament was mentioned in the sermon - including a reference to the Speaker. I bet the priest didn't know there was a Speaker there listening to it.

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