Saturday, May 26, 2007


Jamie off to France on a pilgrimage. He is among a large group walking from Paris to Chartres, and hurried off after rummaging among his Army kit etc for the neccessary equipment, sleeping-bag, etc.

Yesterday I had a slightly frustrating day, travelling to give a journalism workshop (Tamezin magazine) in a school in great heat, hurrying to various meetings in London, feeling hot and bothered...but then spent yesterday evening at Mother's, where we began by watching a DVD sent from New Zealand - awesome scenery, vast blue seas, people in boats with billowing sails scooping along under clear skies, fabulous Maori carvings, beach barbeques...we were transported away from London suburbia and loved it! We followed this with a DVD given me the other day when we visited my nephew and his wife and baby - scenes from baby H's first year, great fun. I had forgotten how noisy and dramatic a baptism is - lots of splashing of water over a font, and the baby yelling.

Today I'm off to give a talk at Holy Ghost parish in Balham, to young engaged couples. . Incidentally, I have just discovered that HG has a rather good parish blog.

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