Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sat Nov 25th
This is service report says Cherie Blair may be appointed to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Quotes "Vatican sources".

Why should Britain's most notable supporter of Planned Parenthood become a member of this influential group within the Church?

Do people in Rome know that Mrs Blair hosted the launch of Planned Parenthood's "Lust for LIfe" campaign distributing fruit-flavoured condoms for teenagers?

To check the report, look on Google - I got the info via the "Papa Ratzinger Forum" - click on "fans speaking English", then click on to "news, pictures,....etc"

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Anonymous said...

Joanna- thanks for the memory jog. It really is a dreadful proposal, if it's true.

I actually saw this mentioned on another blog a few days ago (US-based, I think) and we were urged to e-mail Rome - an e-mail address was also given. I didn't have time to e-mail then and intended going back to the blog, but now can't find it!

Do you think there is any real value in sending couteous, concerned and concise e-mails to Rome and, if so, do you happen to know which Congregation would be most appropriate and e-mail address?