Monday, September 11, 2006

Mon Sept 11th 2006

To Westminster - for a party at the bookshop next to the cathedral - for the launch of the new CD by "The Music Makers" - it's Latin chant in honour of Our Lady and is called REGINA CAELI. The CD is very delightful - and is also designed as a teaching instrument. Jeremy de Satge, and the work he does with "Music Makers" is part of the revival of good liturgy....and it was a great joy to have Bishop Alan Hopes, auxiliary in Westminster, as the special guest. Bishop Alan spoke most warmly of Jeremy's work, quoting the Holy Father and emphasising the great importance of beautiful music in the liturgy. There was enthusiastic applause and a general buzz of real conversations (over very good sandwiches and snacks and drinks) a lot of encouraging ideas came up....especially talking to young teachers (and yes, there were the usual horror stories of ghastly liturgies - especially when the conversation turned to France, where, as one girl put it "We went along to the local church quite happily on our first Sunday - but then found the priest thought 'liturgy' meant giving little talks into a microphone, he had no idea about following the rubrics, ....and he simply believe in transubstantiation, said he had never been taught it.")

"REGINA CAELI" is available from St Paul's Bookshop, Morpeth Terrace, London SW1, or direct from The Music Makers - visit their website, just tap the name into Google - and from the Association of Latin Liturgy (visit their website too). And it will be on sale at the TOWARDS ADVENT Festival of Catholic Culture on Sat Nov 4th at Westminster Cathedral Hall - be there!

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