Sunday, April 12, 2020

...and a strange Easter...

....following a Mass on-line from this church in London, at home, in the intervals of hanging out towels and bedding washed in Dettol etc.

My patient is getting better - these have been worrying days - and thanks to a kind neighbour who has been doing our shopping,  I was able to cook a good Easter lunch, with lamb cutlets and roast parsnips and potatoes.  Last year's rich summer  of blackberries and plums is still providing pies and puddings, and I  raided the freezer to make a plum sponge pudding served with cream. And relatives had sent a splendid Easter egg with our names on it!  So we had a lovely Easter day...all in lockdown.

Watched the Pope in Rome - his slow and deliberate way of celebrating Mass is quietly reassuring, and  the use of the Cross that dates back to a former plague era puts things in a wider and deeper perspective.

And all over Britain, Easter was being marked, just as it has been for centuries.  Why don't more of us mark it in some quietly public way like  the family with this window?

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