Wednesday, March 14, 2018


... for charity, common sense and wisdom in the face of pressure to  conform to bullying from fashionable lobbyists on "transgenderism".

He's going to come under a lot of pressure, and the position of Church schools is going to be difficult with parents insisting that their child should be encouraged to think about being mutilated.  No Christian should allow children to be abused in this way and even if we are told that the Church is "denying a child's human rights" by defending the truth about humanity, we must continue to stand firm. As the Cardinal notes:

“At a time of great confusion about the rules of sexual behaviour, about exploitation and abuse in every part of society, some firm points of reference, that are already built into our humanity at its best, are of vital importance,”

“In an age of fluidity, even in gender identity, and at a time when the response to ‘difference’ is to become closed in a self-selecting world of the like-minded and reject that which is different, such foundations are so important.

“They affirm that there are ‘givens’ which come with birth and with solid identities and which project across generations,” 

“They help up keep hold of the reality that we are not single, self-determining individuals but members of a great family, with all its trials, diversities and struggles, and within that family, not alone, will we find our greatest joy.”


Anonymous said...

It's quite sad that we feel we have to thank a Church leader for saying something quite normal and sane, but such are the times we live in.

Pasadena Tom said...

Does it ever strike you how the current sexual issues are quite literally an exercise in original sin? seizing from God the right to determine what is good and what is evil and substituting human opinion for divine judgment?

Pasadena Tom said...

Isn't it odd how little is really new about these intellectual frenzies that are always emerging? The heart of it all (transgerderism in this case) is old fashioned original sin: denying God's right to determine what is good or evil in favor of a passing human obsession.

Francis said...

It is lovely to think that the Catholic Church is giving a lead in this matter. Evil stalks under the guise of rights and freedoms waiting to exploit the young. Very similar to the methods that child abusers used to try and make their inclinations acceptable to the wider public.