Thursday, November 23, 2017

Want to know about Christmas customs?

Why we eat/do/sing/ the things that we do?  How it fits in with the rest of the calendar?

See here

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John King said...

Hello Joanna. I was wondering if you have heard of "Stir Up Sunday"? I have heard it from an Anglican friend of mine. She said that it is a wonderful custom to being making Christmas puddings for the festive season. I love the season of Advent, however I feel, unlike Lent, this season seems to get ignored. Lent is about giving up things, giving to charity. Surely Advent should also be a time of preparation, but seems to be overshadowed by those who want Christmas to being on December 1st. Also this year, Advent is very short, just 22 days. It will be strange to attend Mass on Sunday 24th December in the morning for the 4th Sunday of Advent, then a few hours later Midnight Mass. I hope you will have a blessed Advent when it commences next week. From John King in Northern Ireland.