Sunday, July 09, 2017

As regular readers...

... of this Blog will know, I regularly pick up litter from the street and place it in bins. Two reactions: older (over 40) people say "Good for you" or similar, and sometimes join in to help, younger ( especially under 25) say "Why do that? It's what people are paid to do"  or similar. This latter group seem absolutely baffled by any idea of sharing a common responsibility for public places, or of doing something  slightly unpleasant for the common good. Once it's explained, they can get quite interested.

Incidentally, I always carry "baby-wipes" to clean my hands.

If each of us picked up one piece of litter a day, our streets would be much, much more pleasant for us all.

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Unknown said...

I was met by puzzled questions when I carried an empty drinks can around Liverpool when I lived there. When I explained I was (forlornly) looking for a bin, the response was 'just chuck it'