Sunday, May 14, 2017

If you were in London today... would have seen a march-past, at Hyde Park Corner.

It was Cavalry memorial day, the annual commemoration of the unveiling of the monument to the war dead of Britain's cavalry regiments. This year marked the 93rd anniversary.

Dress is dark suit and bowler hat, with medals and and decorations. My husband spent yesterday evening getting his shoes to the right degree of shine.

The Form of Service has some strong prayers for peace and concludes with these words which I have copied down this evening for my readers.

The 'Last Post' and the 'Reveille' are two of the principal calls used every day in our Army. The 'Last Post' to denote the end of the day's labour and the army at rest, the 'Reveille', the call the dawn of another day.

From time immemorial it has been the custom of the Army, when her sons are laid to rest to pay as tribute the Greatest Honour the Army can bestow, the Presenting of Arms and the sounding of the 'Last Post' and from the highest to the lowest as the body is laid to rest, this great and last tribute is paid.

The 'Last Post' signifies that the Warrior's labours in this earthly life are over and the mortal remains are at rest. If this were the end it would indeed of itself be a worthy tribute to the Memory of one of her sons whom the Army desires to Honour. But this is not the end!

Throughout the ages the Church has taught the Great Message of the Christian Faith - Our Lord's assurance by His Sacrifice and Resurrection of the Life to come - and so today the Army in its simple ceremonial does not leave us at the end of the labours of the day and the darkness of the night but with the stirring call of the 'Reveille' bids us take Comfort and Hope in that great lesson of our faith - the assurance of the Resurrection.

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