Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I was due to meet...

...some American friends, to lead  a walk in London, with Mass at St Etheldreda's .  But their flight was delayed and the plans had to be cancelled.With a sudden bonus day, I went home and tackled the lawn, and the overgrown lane at the back of our house, which had suddenly become impenetrable in the past couple of weeks because of the downpouring rain and warm air.

Our small garden  is full of happy memories of smmer suppers and barbeques, and I enjoy hanging out the washing and bringing it in all fresh and airy. Another batch of J.'s shirts went up today when I'd finished the mowing.

We have a great apple tree that began as a tiny foot-high stalk brought from Fernyhalgh after a pilgrimage there.  It now towers over everything: we had it pruned last year and now it is laden with fruit. If you read up the story of Fernyhalgh you will see why it is so lovely to have this tree in our garden.

The front garden is a small strip of lawn which is always pleasant to mow, as neighbours pass by and there is lots of stopping to chat. Then later, as the light slowly faded,  I sat down to tackle some work at the computer. The rose bush which J. bought for me some years ago has, like the apple tree, flourished over the years and taps against the window as I write.

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