Tuesday, January 12, 2016


...the Dean of St Paul's is quoted as saying "Jesus had nothing much to say about sexuality, certainly not about homosexuality, but a lot to say about pride and love and judgement of others."

Christ in fact had quite a lot to say about our sexual behaviour. But let us look at the question of pride since the Dean raises it.

Pride is a much-praised thing among those who promote the homosexual lifestyle. "Pride" is the name they give to their marches and their campaigns. "We support pride" is a current slogan for those who want to affirm public support for groups promoting the homosexualist campaigns. It is their key word, generally used simply on its own: Pride.

I'm genuinely puzzled. Does the Dean think it is good to promote pride? Is he suggesting that Christ taught the importance of promoting pride - and that Christians have been wrong for all these centuries in listing it as one of the deadliest of sins?


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