Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Catholic Union...

...met this evening, after a glorious sung Mass at Westminster Cathedral.... the Union is v. active, and there was a detailed report on events in Parliament including the defeat (DG!) of the Marris Bill which would have introduced legalised killing.  It seems likely that the battle will now go to the courts...campaigners seeking to impose things that way, because they have failed to get Parliament to agree to their plans.

The Education/Outreach committee reported on the various projects and this was more encouraging, with some  excellent public lectures on aspects of education, some examples of  children's work, in the "Our Father" Project,  a report on the Catholic Young Writer Award   which is run by the CU Charitable Trust,and so on.

Afterwards a drinks reception with much greeting of friends and good talk...encouraging to meet young people who are becoming active...

The Catholic Union Charitable Trust is sponsoring a lecture by Francis Campbell, former UK Ambassador to the Holy see, on catholicism in the Secular World. Info here

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