Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Hello to Dominic...

...who was among those taking part in the Catholic History Walk this evening. We started at Westminster Cathedral - a small group, only a handful of people, but somehow it turned out to be a particularly happy walk, and by the time  we were saying goodbye, in the lamplit churchyard of Westminster Abbey, with those glorious soaring gothic buttresses and the sense of quiet familiarity, we were real friends.

Big Ben chimed out the hour - 8pm - as we walked across Westminster Bridge, and on to Waterloo. We all found we lived in neighbouring suburban parishes, and a young relative of Dominic's goes to my old school...sometimes London really does feel like a collection of villages.

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D Newman said...

Hello, Joanna! Thank you for the walk - yes, it was just as you describe, and tremendously interesting. I am hoping to come to some more in the future.