Monday, July 07, 2014

Don't give some one poison...

...and then claim that you are simply "assisting him to die". It's a gross and vile idea. Killing some one who is ill and frightened and in pain is wicked, and the plans to legalise such killing must be blocked. There is planned legislation in the House of Lords: the Bill comes up on July 18th.  Read here, and write to a couple of members of the House of Lords, as a matter or urgency. (That link will give you info on how to do so).


therecusant said...

Pardon me for reaching out to you via a comment box. My wife and I are bringing two of our daughters from the US to London in a few weeks. Our family has a particular devotion to the English Martyrs (and the recusant laity, too) and we hope to include as many visits as possible to sites related to them. We plan on visiting the Tower of London, the Tyburn Convent, and St. John Southworth's relics at the cathedral. Were else might be visit within London proper?

Thank you!

D. Cline, Indianapolis

Joanna Bogle said...

Those are the main places in London. A visit to SS Anselm and Cecilia in Kingsway (nearest tube Holborn) will give you some insight into the Lincoln's Inn Fields martyrs, and a visit to St Patrick's Soho will be a source of info on St Oliver Plunket. (Nearest tube: Oxford Circus).Both of these places are also recommended for Sunday Mass. The Church of the Assumption in Warwick St is worth a visit (former Portugese Embassy chapel).Look for the site of St Th More and St J Fisher's execution at Tower Hill, and pay tribute too to the men of the Merchant Marine in the big Memorial Gardens alongside - they saved the people of Britain from starvation in two world wars.

St George's Cathedral in Southwark is worth a visit - site of the start of the Gordon Riots. It is opposite the Imperial War Museum, nearest tube Waterloo or Lambeth North.

best wishes

Auntie Joanna

Malcolm said...

Also make sure you drop in for a pint at the Ship Tavern, Holbourne (near Lincoln Inn Fields). That's where Catholics used to hang out in penal times.

Anonymous said...

I used to work in the Tower. May I suggest you get there at opening time and go straight to see the Crown Jewels, then return to the entrance to take a Yeoman Warder tour. If you do the tour first by the time it is over the queue for the Jewels can be an hour long, especially at this time of year..