Wednesday, June 04, 2014

"Our Father..."

Do children in today's Britain know this prayer?  Are they taught it in school? How can we help children to know it and to pray it?

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Malcolm said...

One problem is that you've got several English versions. The traditional version is archaic, and words like "hallowed" and 'trespass" have fallen out of use. But not everyone can agree on a modern English text. That makes it a lot harder to teach children it by heart.

It's unclear which language Jesus used for the original. Normally Jewish prayers were and still are in Hebrew, but He might have used Aramaic to make a deliberate point, which was against lengthy and "eloquent" prayers.
Hebrew prayers commonly begin "blessed art thou, oh Lord, king of the universe", and the first lines might well be a rather garbled version of that. Though that raises the question why the gospel writers weren't aware.