Saturday, February 08, 2014


...tomorrow (Sunday) and the class met today for a run-through with Father C.  Their catechist found it gratifying - and was relieved - that the group was able to answer up in response to questions about knowledge of the Sacrament and what it means and so on...Explanation of the various parts of the ceremony, including the anointing (oil...strengthening...) touch on the cheek ("It's a sign of his authority"). Some are first being baptised - explanation of the signing with the Cross ("claimed for Christ") etc...

Oddly moving to sit in the church as the group held a practice session and each candidate went to kneel before Fr C., seated in the Bishop's chair.

Home in pouring rain. News of more to come.

I find it difficult to think with great seriousness about the issue of Scotland breaking the union that has been the United Kingdom for these past centuries...such a break is obviously a very bad and rather stupid idea.  But with the government having imposed a law destroying the legal framework of marriage, and obliging public officials to tell lies about the fundamental relationship between a man and a woman, somehow breaking apart a state seems of less long-term importance. 

Rain against the windows, under a darkening sky. Working on material for next EWTN series, exploring Marian themes and lives of saints. List of names of Confirmation candidates carefully typed out for tomorrow: the catechist has to present them.

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Pearl of Tyburn said...

Hi, Auntie Joanna,

Even though both our countries have been sadly submerged in the morass of immorality, I must say it would grieve me very deeply to see either of them break up at the hands of their citizens.

I love Britain, the whole of her, and the cultural legacy she has given the world as a single entity. She is imperfect, but still has so much good to give.

If Scotland acts selfishly and stupidly and destroys their own country, I fear the world will have lost a symbol of unity and continuity not to be matched.

Anyway, we can toss up a little prayer that it doesn't happen! It's sad so many people have to waste so much time on something idiot like this when they could be trying to remedy the problems within their country instead of splitting her up.

Love and Blessings,
Pearl of Tyburn