Saturday, August 13, 2011


...a useful way to spend a day in post-riot Britain was to be working on a big project for schools which will, we hope, spread literacy, knowledge of the Bible, communication skills, and a grasp of the need for hard work in order to achieve agreed goals. Anyway, that's what I was doing. Trundled cases of Bible prizes to the Post Office to go to various schools, all carefully labelled and packed. Chose some more books for the finalist prizewinners - who come to London in the Autumn to get their prizes - and planned the 2012 Project. Then tackled more personal tasks: bought a backpack for travelling to World Youth Day, dropped in to Westminster Cathedral, dropped off DVD of a great film at a friend's house, dropped into supermarket to get some fish for supper (mussels, Friday, delicious), dropped onm to the sofa at home for 2 mins to relax before tackling emails and ironing.

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