Tuesday, July 19, 2011


...this fascinating interview with Cardinal Raymond Burke, talking to the Association of Hebrew Catholics. He is really excellent.

As a journalist I occasionally get sent some vile anti-Jewish ranting material and to my horror I have realised that it has come from a source claiming to be Catholic. It has included nasty attacks on Jewish Catholics too. So I went to the Assn. of Hebrew Catholics website, and found it very helpful - see above.

The latest issue of Common Ground, magazine of the Council of Christians and Jews, has a review, by Auntie, of the book Light of the World, in which the Holy Father speaks on a wide range of topics, including this one. I was especially touched by his comment that his German birth gave him "a special reason to look with humility and shame - and with love - upon the people of Israel."

And this YouTube clip is also relevant....

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