Monday, April 25, 2011

After I'd mentioned...

....that I might go to Madrid this summer as a (definitely not youthful!) journalist, I was contacted by various people planning to go, and/or able to help with various arrangements so...Auntie started to make arrangements re. World Youth Day, booking in as a journalist.

I've been thinking about going to a WYD ever since I read a pompous piece denouncing it, written by a very cross American some years ago. His splutterings were laced with hatred and a sort of bitter Jansenism - the poor chap v. indignant, urging people Not to Go to This Dreadful Event, as it brought young people together with much informality in a noisy cheerful messy way and with the Holy Father at the heart of it. It all made me think that World Youth Day was rather good and that it might be excellent to attend one day.

Then a niece attended World Youth Day in Cologne and loved it, giving an excellent report on it all at a meeting in London, and I subsequently met people who'd hugely enjoyed the great WYD in this year I'd like to go and see for myself.

I was amused to note that anyone booking in as a journalist has to be over 18. I'm OK on that score...

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