Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Papal visit...what a mess!!!

Latest story is that the Newman beatification will be at a venue that allows for some 80,000 people. That is insufficient for the people who want to see the Pope. Where can we see him in London? Where can we hear him, and cheer him?

For an analysis of how things are going on the Papal visit, click here...


H. Ledger said...

Dear Auntie Joanna,

If you can find out more details of the Pope's visit and let people know on your blog that would be great. I am hoping to see the Pope somewhere in London. The Pope's visit is a time for celebration and we must all try and see him. It would be wonderful if Catholic churches in London had special masses during the Pope's visit.

Henry Ledger

Patricius said...

It would be wonderful if Catholics could get to see the Pope during his visit.