Wednesday, January 06, 2010

FInd out more...

...about Auntie's latest book A Nun With A Difference, by looking at this website. This book is the first of its type that I have ever done - a biography of a remarkable woman, complete with her correspondence. I enjoyed doing a "Life and Letters", which is an old-fashioned form of biography enabling the reader to get deeply aquainted with the subject...who in this case happens to be a former headmistress of my old school. Do take a look at the website, especially if you are a Philomenian (if you aren't one, you won't know what one is!).


nateofthenewworld said...

Joanna- Hello-Christmas Greetings from the Midwest of America: Northeastern Colorado! I like your blog and watch "Feasts and Seasons" with great interest on EWTN. I am a grad student at Augustine Institute in Denver,Colorado and will finish in early August. I made a pilgrimage to England in November 2008 inspired in part by a special on Walsingham hosted by you. This pilgrimage changed my life, as I and a friend from my parish visited Aylesford, Walsingham, and spent extensive amounts of time in London, with a wonderful visit to Westminster Abbey, Cathedral of the Precious Blood (oh the shrine to the English Martyrs!), etc. and as a German American Catholic (With a tinge of English) very interested in Anglo-Saxon and Germanic Culture in light of Catholicism, am interested in pursuing doctoral studies in England or a job with my soon to be master's degree in Catechetics in your great country ( I wrote a paper on Medieval Pilgrimage and Modern Pilgrimage in light of Walsingham last Fall by the way). Anyway not enough space to explain fully everything and your felicitous impact on my educational and spiritual development- but THANK-YOU! I mean that with all sincerity. If there is someway for me to explain all this fully, I would love to. Keep up your fantastic work as an instrument of the Holy Spirit!!!Belated Happy Feast of St. Edward the Confessor! Happy Epiphany!

Joanna Bogle said...

Nate - I would love to be in contact. Can you send me another Cpomment, marked NOT FOR PUBLICATION, which includes your email? Then I can reach you!

best wishes