Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Find out...

...about Freedom Publishing,the group organising the Bogle tour of Australia's eastern states....click here. They have the most wonderful array of books (you can order by email) and are very energetic and enterprising...a great team and it will be a priviledge to work with them.

While planning the trip to the other side of the world, Auntie is also busy with work here at home - one book at proof stage, another that will come to fruition while I am away (Deo Gratias for email!), another currently with the printer...Tomorrow I am off to the Faith Movement summer session, which will be a joy, a cure for the gloom that descends when I look at what is happening in our poor country just now.

A sample twirl through one day's news this week revealed the following: a teenage suicide following cruel remarks posted by schoolchums on the internet; the adoption of a baby, created via artificial insemnination, by two homosexuals (both currently in other "civil partnershps" with other men, but planning to divorce these); a report showing that large numbers of boys and girls entering secondary school cannot read; statistics showing the huge numbers of completely drunken teenagers rushed unconscious to hospital each weekend.

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