Thursday, July 30, 2009

And this suicide ruling...

...was, by a ghastly irony, the last case ever to be heard by the House of Lords, sitting in its capacity as the High Court of Parliament.

A Court that has lasted for over a thousand years, establishing a nation run on principles rooted in the rule of law, given thence to a quarter of the globe, something cherished by generations and defended with sacrifice. Not a small thing to lose.

(Under the new system dumped on us by Tony Blair's government, we're getting a "Supreme Court" in the offices of the old Middlesex County Council across the other side of Parliament Square, beyond where the various protest-groups have erected their tents and shanty-towns.)


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the New world Order.
Secular humanism now replaces the social kingship of Christ according to the Catholic Church. We need to bring it back!!


Arden Forester said...

The way Tony Blair attacked the culture of the country is very similar to his crude attempts to advise His Holiness on "what Catholicsm really is meant to be".

Thankfully, he was given short shrift with sweet smiles. It is a pity the country did not do similar.

Wayne Kerr said...

Its so sad. Some people are frail,other mentally ill they would not know what was happening. Assisted suicide. Its wrong.The Nazis did this in world war two in there concentration camps.We called that genocide.What has changed. Labour has broken this country. Tony Blair should be excommunicated by our Catholic church. The news headlines should read. The old, The weak, The mentally Ill and The frail lets all help Murder them !!!.
New Labour New Nazis. Kill the weak and old and save money,That what Labour want.

Fr Simon Peter S.J. said...

Joanna It is a very dark time. Changes are being made that should never happen. We must all pray and hope our Country/World will become whole again.Those that govern should live by a moral code. One of The Ten Commandments. Thou shalt not kill, Is quite clear.
I need say no more.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I believe that you are being a bit optimistic to sing the praises of a thousand years of great British law. The "Reformation" was a bit later than that.

Annie (a humble Irish/American)

Callistus said...

Prayer and hope! I don't think so
Father.You might have to organise yourselves to do something as well!