Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday March 6th


Marriage preparation talk tonight in Chelsea, and another in South London on Saturday. Wanting to give the couples something to take away, I thought of Papa Benedict's message to young people for World Youth Day. It's good, and has a special part dedicated to young people who are engaged to be married. Download it and enjoy it - and pass it on. I've typed out the specifically relevant bit and will be handing it out tonight.


Just been sent Sun and Wind a story based on the legend of Joseph of Arimithea, by William Boardman. It looks a good read (Sceptre Books). I've long been interested in the legend, as a regular visitor to Glastonbury....have led pilgrimages there, and once walked up the Tor at night with Jamie (by lamplight, praying the Rosary as we went).... A rather windswept Glastonbury Thorn stands on Weary-All Hill. A sprig from it is still sent to the Queen every Christmas. Intrigued? You should be. It's one of the most fascinating legends associated with Britain's history. The last Abbot of Glastonbury Abbey was hanged on the top of the Tor - one of our English Martyrs, Richard Whiting. I shall be reading Bill Boardman's book this evening and report on it later in this blog......


Pro Ecclesia said...

Have you read The Flowering Hawthorn by Hugh Ross Williamson? It covers the history and legends surrounding the Glastonbury Thorn and the introduction of Christianity in Britain. The Neumann Press publishes a wonderful little hardbound edition. I highly recommend it.

You can access the book at The Neumann Press website via the url below.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of starting a Glastonbury / Arthurian society with the aim of preserving learning. Those of you who don't work in universities will probably question the need for such a society. In fact the signs of decay are there, and will soon become obvious to all. Just as in the days of Pelagius Britons probably didn't realise that within a generation their country would be fighting for its life against pagan invaders.

The first piece of the project will be an Arthurian roleplaying adventure.

Malcolm McLean